Tiyuti Custom Software Development
Based in Melbourne Australia, team Tiyuti builds innovative technology solutions for the modern web, using our favourite tech stack : javascript, node.js and postgresql.

Get in touch with us at gord@quato.xyz if you need deep technology help building your new startup or web system.
Tiyuti stores are a fast way to create a web store or catalogue.

Tiyuti PhoTree acts as the Content Management "CMS" system for these web store catalogues. Store product and blog articles are created as PhoTree lists, which is then injected into a store template. Content can be tagged so as to appear in various parts of the site, and all content is indexed and searchable.

Try our demo stores below - browse watches or search 1500 printer cartridges :
Created high performance geographic maps backend web system for UK client:

- fully inverted tag index 40 Million UK postcodes
- lookup any postcode or address name within 50ms
- create topography & building maps of any area in UK
- 400GB dataset, custom high speed osmm importer
- custom geocode compressed data format
- Generate maps in vector svg, pdf, raster png/jpg and cad dxf/dwg formats
- automated ordering, email and download links for digital maps
PhoTree is our answer to the question :
"whats the fastest way to share info online ?"

To test things out, we uploaded some data so you can search through 10,000 books and 35,000 of Melbournes best restaurant dishes !

Implemented from scratch by team Tiyuti, using our favourite high performance tech stack : node.js and postgresql.

All text content is automatically indexed so full tag text search is supported out of the box.
Boxi is a single page web app for live sharing of diagrams over the web.

Draw with lines, boxes, shapes, Bezier splines or freehand, and share your drawing live with collaborators.

Created from scratch in javascript, sockets.io with back end in node.js and posgtresql.

Great for online math lessons or technical projects
Menu web app where users can scroll through restaurant menus on mobile or desktop. Features :

- contactless QR Code mobile menu web app
- super quick to browse, search and order
- entice with a photo-rich smooth scrolling menu
- customers can order while waiting and before pickup
- easy bill splits and multiple orders for large groups
- customers notified when order is ready
- add specials, change menu details .. anytime
Team Tiyuti
Gordon Anderson
Software Developer Architect with deep technical skills in node.js, postgres, GIS & javascript.

CTO level experience building development teams and delivering innovative products to market.

Particular expertise in modern high performance architectures, data design and technical PM.
Passion for building new startup technology and nurturing developer talent.

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Paul Anderson

Enrolled science degree (PhB) has 98 ATAR cutoff
7.0 (perfect) GPA in first semester at ANU, including two 2000-level courses
Took VCE Specialist Mathematics 3&4 in Year 9
A* in GCE A-level Mathematics


Prize, Australian Mathematics Competition
Silver Medallist, Australian Informatics Olympiad
High Distinction, Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad
4 High Distinctions, Australian Mathematics Competition

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